Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Insurance Monopolies/Oligopolies

I feel sometimes that I fell asleep and woke up in an alternate universe. The Republicans are trying to protect Medicare Advantage, which is wasteful of taxpayers' money. The Republicans are blocking efforts to establish a public health insurance marketplace that would foster free competition. It is the Democrats that are trying to facilitate free market competition by de-exempting insurance companies from anti-trust laws.

The Republicans violently oppose a public health insurance option on the grounds that it would unfairly compete with private companies. If they care so much about fair competition, will they follow the Democrats' lead and fight the unfair private insurance monopolies? I doubt it. The Republicans have abandoned their values and all reason, and act now only to cripple the current administration and regain power. They don't care about the citizens or economy of this country. They care about themselves.

Competition among insurance providers will reduce the prices of insurance. Let us see that competition. Start by stripping insurance companies of protection from anti-trust laws. A public marketplace would be another great step towards increasing competition and providing the American citizens more insurance options at lower prices.

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