Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Best Plan for America - Part 1

When I walk down the street, people often ask me, "Hey, old man, why aren't you wearing any pants?" Only slightly less often than that, they ask me what the best health care plan would be for America. The best plan is complicated, but not as complicated as many people think. Unfortunately, the best plan requires many changes to other aspects of our government and culture. Over time, I will gradually explain what would be the best health care plan for our country, and what it would take to get it.

1) Campaign Finance Reform
The necessary first step would be campaign finance reform. What does campaign finance reform have to do with health care? Very simply, the current system lets big companies control our nation's policies via legalized bribes to congressmen. The average citizen is practically unable to voice his or her needs to representatives. Our voices are drowned out by the sound of money getting transferred from corporations to politicians' campaign chests.

As we can see right now, it is nearly impossible to get enough politicians to serve the interests of the country instead of the interests of their financiers. If politicians could no longer be bought by corporations, we could have a government that serves the people. Instead of looking out for the interests of only Aetna's and Pfizer's shareholders, congress would look out for the other 300,000,000 of us.

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